What recruitment means to us



“It is not B2B or B2C anymore but P2P, People to People”


At Alpha Partners we believe that only when all parties are truly committed, you get the best result which is why we insist on meeting every client we work for. We offer a high-touch consultancy service and believe our role is to meet, understand and consult your requirements and then act as an employer brand consultant responsible for identifying, attracting and engaging the talent you require in your process.


To achieve those objectives we rely on:


  • Vertical market

In order to provide you with the best service, expertise and tailor-made solutions are crucial. Each consultant is specialised in your specific branch or engineering sector. He has the expertise and knows your environment which will help for a better and more efficient job search and a better understanding of your needs.

  • We listen

The first step in every recruitment and collaboration is to listen carefully to your situation, your story and your needs. There is no efficient recruitment without listening.

  • We deliver solutions

Our mission is to deliver you the most appropriate person for the most relevant opportunity. Alpha Partners is working with 3 different services (Link) but the purpose always remains the same: deliver excellence to our partners.

  • Professional methodology

Alpha Partners wants to be considered as a reliable business partner for their clients in order to guide them through all phases of their growth, thanks to their consultants who have a thorough knowledge of the business.


Our unique methodology includes the following steps:
1. Intake:
Get to know the client (environment, culture, management style,…) and understand his needs at best compared to the profile wanted. This is a crucial step prior to searching for candidates.

2. Social hunting :
Publishing job offers on our website (www.alphapartners.eu).  This is a unique identification tool for passive candidates because the job offers are passed on through the network of the website members. They have the possibility to recommend friends and relations for the concerned job offers.

3. Headhunting :
Identification and direct contact with candidates presenting the ideal profile compared to the customer needs, presenting the job offers and the interest for the candidate to join the client’s company.

4. Screening and interview :
The candidates’ profiles that are identified either by direct research or by recommendations are carefully analyzed by our consultants in relation to the clients’ needs. Afterwards, the selected people are being interviewed by the appropriate consultant for each mission entrusted by our clients

5. Gathering professional references:
The evaluation from the consultant is expanded by testimonials of people having worked directly with the candidate.

6. Presenting the selected candidates to the client:
Based on an individual form including the candidate’s CV and observations from the consultant gathered during this interview with the candidate and after collecting references.

7. Recruitment process management:
We are included into each step of the mission. We intervene to arrange meetings, collect feedback from the different parties involved and contribute to the success of the salary negotiation phase.

8. Integration follow-up:
Once the candidate has been hired by our client, we insure an integration follow-up to make sure that the candidate finds its place within the company and that the expectations of the client have been met.