Mechanical engineers develop process to 3-D print piezoelectric materials

The piezoelectric materials that inhabit everything from our cell phones to musical greeting cards may be getting an upgrade thanks to work discussed in the journal Nature Materials released online Jan 21. Xiaoyu ‘Rayne’ Zheng, assistant professor of mechanical #engineering in the College of Engineering, and a member of the Macromolecules Innovation Institute, and his team have developed methods to 3D print piezoelectric materials that can be custom-designed to convert movement, impact and stress from any directions to electrical energy. “Piezoelectric materials convert strain and stress into electric charges,” Zheng explained. The piezoelectric materials come in only a few defined shapes and are made of brittle crystal and ceramic — the kind that require a clean room to manufacture. Zheng’s team has developed a technique to 3D print these materials so they […]

6 Innovative Ways to Use AI in 2019

It is quite right to say that AI has now become an integral part of the human resource. All credit goes to technology when it comes to complete transformation in the recruitment process. And it is obvious from the fact that recruiters are seeing a massive reduction in their workload. We saw many discussions on the role of AI in recruitment in 2018. And as per the current scenario, this trend will continue to remain the hot topic even in 2019. According to the Harvey Nash Human Resources 2017 Survey, 40% of HR leaders believe that AI will take over their workplace operations in the next 2-5 years. The reason recruiters are using AI is: It eliminates bias. It speeds up the recruitment process. It enhances the candidate experience. With 2018 coming […]

3 Personality Types That Can Lead to Success or Unemployment

We all know that a business is only as successful as the people running it. Employees are every company’s most valuable asset, and every employer has their own unique list of must-haves and nice-to-haves when hiring. Some are universal (detail orientation, good communication skills, ability to take direction), while others are specific to the role or industry. However, there are a few qualities that straddle two lines, existing between boundary pushing and boundary-breaking. The success of companies like Apple, Google and Amazon have introduced the public to a new breed of maverick leaders whose unique qualities have made their companies more successful than any in history. Yet these same qualities would most likely get the average employee fired within their first few weeks if they were even hired at all. […]

5 Millennial CV Trends to Look Out For

In a candidate-led market, the way recruiters are attracting talent is changing. If you want to be ahead of the game you need to expand the methods you use to recruit, especially when recruiting millennial talent. Millennials are an increasingly influential generation, meaning as a recruiter you can’t ignore their impact on the job market. Just as sites like CV Library disrupted the job search market when they spotted the improvements to made in job search by switching from paper CVs to Word documents sent via email; millennials are bringing about candidate led changes which are causing employers to change the way they think about selecting talent. 1. Video CVs Video CVs are fast are growing in popularity, with recruitment firms like Inspiring Interns using them as their sole marketing […]