Panama Jungle Features Plastic Bottle Village

We visit Panama, where on an 83-acre jungle locale, 90 to 120 planned homes will be insulated by thousands of plastic bottles which have been recovered from the waste stream. The individual behind the scenes of this eco-village named Plastic Bottle Village is Robert Bezeau, a Canadian with a passion for managing and cleaning the waste left behind from the ubiquitous plastic bottle. On his website, we learn a staggering quantity – 22,000 – of plastic bottles are discarded every second. Without trying too hard, one can always find a bottle which has been tossed. Examples include the trash vortex in the Pacific Ocean, which contains billions of plastic bottles and is far larger than the state of Texas. Bezeau well understands the challenge of cleaning up discarded plastic bottles. He took on the task in […]

Sonaca 200 Aircraft – Aerospace Technology

Sonaca 200 is a two-seater, single-engine aircraft designed by Sonaca Aircraft for pilot training and leisure flights. It is the first aircraft assembled in Belgium, to be exhibited at the Aero Friedrichshafen show in April 2016. The aircraft is designed and developed for the general aviation market and is currently undergoing tests in Belgium and other neighbouring countries for type certifications. Sonaca 200 is designed to obtain type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Sonaca Aircraft initiated the process for both Design Organization Approval (DOA) and Production Organization Approval (POA) for the aircraft as per European norms. Sonaca Aircraft is planning to introduce a four-seat version of the aircraft in future. Sonaca 200 orders and deliveries Sonaca Aircraft received 14 pre-orders for the Sonaca 200 aircraft form European […]